[Program Tamu] Creative Writing Class

Instructor: Haseena Abdul Majid
Language: English

This course is designed to explore the use of language to creatively and effectively express ideas. Activities such as comic book design, poetry, fictional story writing, art and nature journaling and the use of music as storytelling will be part of the syllabus.

Students will be provided relevant course materials with each lesson (such as readings, films, music, art) and will especially be encouraged to read extensively throughout this course, in hopes of developing a reading habit to be carried through life.

Haseena Abdul Majid is a writer from Singapore. Her investigative writing deals mainly with the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children within ASEAN. She is widely published both within South East Asia and beyond with works written in a variety of language mediums. Her fiction works have been very well received and is both followed and engaged by female readers via various Internet platforms. Her first novel is set to be released in early 2011.
Jadwal Kelas:
Setiap Sabtu, Pk. 17.00 - 19.00 WIB
Mulai 6 November s/d 18 Desember 2010
Biaya: Rp. 250.000/orang
Informasi dan Pendaftaran:
Tobucil & Klabs
Jl. Aceh No. 56 Bandung
T/F 022 4261548
Senin s/d Minggu Pk. 09.00 - 20.00 WIB
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