[Program Tamu] Women's Studies: Feminist Perspectives on Women and Society

Instructor: Haseena Abdul Majid
Language:  English

This course is designed to explore the condition of women's lives, in of themselves, in relation to each other and to men. We will assume that these conditions are not the same for all women, that they change historically and often times according to race, class, ethnicity or sexuality. We also want to ask if there are some conditions that women everywhere may share. What are our commonalities?

Issues we will explore in this class include women, work and the division of labor, sexuality and health, violence against women, women's social and political activism, the influence of the media, family ideologies and changing gender roles. We will also investigate the relationship of gender, race and sexuality to state policies that effect us all.

Two of the central premises of this class are that
1) we live in an unequal society, based largely upon the socially constructed categories of race, class, gender and sexuality

2) to begin to change these power inequalities, we must first examine our own position of relative power and the ways in which we act to uphold forms of oppression that are harmful to us all.

Course Goals:
1. Establish an atmosphere for critical and alternative thinking.
2. Raise our collective consciousness about a number of negative processes such as sexism, racism, classism and homophobia, a number of positive actions like the movements against these oppressions and possibilities such as collective action, etc.
3. Assist students in the translation of the concrete conditions of their lives into a theoretical perspective and the reverse.
4. To think about the integration of race, class, gender and sexuality in the class and in our lives.

Journal: You are advised to keep an ongoing journal to sort out your thoughts about issues that relate to class materials. The journal will not be a summary of course materials but rather an opportunity to reflect on the questions they

raise in your own life. Feel free to write down ideas, images, dialogues or conversations, observations and poems. Most of the journals will be directed by questions. This means I will give you questions on which to ponder and expound, as ever, mindful of the readings and your own experience.

Course Materials: Readings and films to be distributed online a week before each class.

Engaging in critical thinking means that we will often rub against the grain of our own expectations and assumptions. This could be a good thing. It may be more productive to formulate good questions and to explore the possibilities than to think we have to come up with hard and fast solutions.

While personal experiences of racism, sexism, classism and homophobism are highly valued, keep in mind that we are trying to understand these intersecting oppressions as not just personally experienced but as fundamentally rooted in the exercise of political and economic power that shapes our social formation.

Haseena Abdul Majid is a writer from Singapore. Her investigative writing deals mainly with the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children within ASEAN. She is widely published both within South East Asia and beyond with works written in a variety of language mediums. Her fiction works have been very well received and is both followed and engaged by female readers via various Internet platforms. Her first novel is set to be released in early 2011.


Jadwal Kelas:
Setiap Selasa Pk. 17.00-19.00 (mulai 2 November s/d 28 Desember 2010)

Biaya Rp. 200.000/peserta

Informasi dan pendaftaran:
Tobucil & Klabs Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung
t/f 022 4261548
Senin- Minggu, Pk. 09.00 - 20.00 WIB

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